Testimony of a participant in the QWASAR program in partnership with JFN-IT
16 Mar

Testimony of a participant in the QWASAR program in partnership with JFN-IT

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Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you are from, what's your educational background?

My name is Dounoupetipa Cahethel Anais, born and raised in Douala (in Cameroon). I got a GCE Advance Level in science at Nal college. I’m now a year 2 student in computer engineering at JFN institute of technology.

What are you passionate about?

Programming! Putting pieces of codes together, getting the logic behind each line to be written or written already and trying to think like a computer to get why I get compilation errors are the reasons I love programming. Since collage when I got my first phone, I have always been wondering how algorithm, app and website function like how is that possible and wanted just one thing do same. So, with the means I had I tried my best to acquire the knowledge necessary and I think with years it developed into a passion.

Where do you want to work one day?

Maybe in one of the big tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon That will really be awesome. But I think I would like to finish my studies, have a lot of experience, and open my own enterprise in my home country.

What do you want to do in the future?

While in college, I thought of becoming a computer engineer or a software engineer and I still do. But I also aspire to a career in Robotics and Artificial intelligences. I know I still have a long way to go but I think with lot of work and discipline I will attend my objectives.



Tell us a little bit about your journey to Qwasar

While attending computer engineering courses, the university resented their school of code which was an online study with a Silicon Valley training centre called qwasar. There comes my meeting with Qwasar and without any hesitation I registered, and my online training began.

Tell us a little bit about your journey within Qwasar, any struggles you have had and how you have overcome them.

I began Qwasar with Quest00 of preseason web, which was not as easy as I expected and felt like an empty-handed when I got rejected for quest00. With some reasoning and community help, I could complete the fist and simplest quest.

My journey then proceeded with bootcamp JS, where I learned basics of JavaScript used for backend development and font end development too together with HTML and CSS notions too. With preseason web certificate obtained, I happily continue my journey toward Season 01 Arc 01. I completed Bootcamp C where I learned a lot on memory allocation, pointer, Makefiles and many more. Now I’m working on my mastermind project with is a little game but it’s not gaming coding it. For the little amount of time, I have been studying on qwasar I learned so much on web development, programming and even on programmers. I hope to complete season 01 soon and get to season 02.

When I started qwasar, I didn’t realize it was self-study. I had to struggles with google and youTube to study and get necessary knowledge to complete each quest and project thanks to the tips and useful examples which made exercises easy to complete. Now I can say I am very good friends with both sides Google and YouTube channels.

What have you learned about yourself while at Qwasar?

Well, while studying on Qwasar I realized that I still have a long way to go toward software engineering, I still need much experience and practice, I am more hard working than I thought, and I should sometimes learn how to take a break.

What has been your favorite project so far at Qwasar?

I think my favourite project so far is My Mastermind project maybe because I like game. In the game, the user has to guess a 4-digit number given either by the computer or the user. Then the computer will text the number of well-placed and misplaced digit in the code. Coding this project was not a piece of cake, I had to create function for main games action putting in a lot of reasoning and logical think to avoid errors and produce a well structure code. I had to think like an experienced programmer.

Tell us about one of your biggest successes while learning to code

I think mastering pointers and memory allocation is my greatest success but may be mastering I a word too big. I can say the Dounoupetipa from now and that from before Qwasar are quite different. I’m skilled up.


What is your favorite programming language thus far and why?

I’m most comfortable with Python, JavaScript, and C programming language. But I think C is my favourite so far, I mostly code in C it’s fairly easy for me and it’s the father of most programming language. Then knowing C is having some knowledge on other programming languages.


What is the importance of learning data structures in your opinion?

Yes, data structures are very important, dealing with arrays is much more easier than working with plenty variables of same datatype to be used at same time and confusing between their names. Data structures are necessary in programming for designing efficient algorithms. They help programmers save a good amount of time and energy while providing a well organised data in memory. In fact, data structures are programmer’s saviour helping manipulation of large amounts of data easier


What encouragement would you have for others starting out their coding journeys and careers?

Practice makes perfect so keep on typing, searching and never give up. If you make friends with Google and YouTube, a compiler will never look down on you.


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